The new-age integrated strategy and business performance enablement (iSBPE) platform

Don’t lose sight of progress across the levels of your company, in comparison to your vision, mission, strategy and goals. StratRoom provides you with the right strategic collaboration tools you need to empower teams from workstations to boardrooms, and beyond in an adaptive approach.

Stay on top of the progress, across all the levels of your Company! We, Stratroom, enable you to build your Strategic Management, on par with your vision, mission and goals! Stratroom caters your needs through right strategic collaboration tools, bringing in a paradigm shift in empowering teams from workstations to boardrooms and beyond!

Make real-time strategic adjustments, Breakaway from the communication gap across your organization

Our Dashboards & Analytics are the catalysts for your real – time strategic needs! We help you quench any communication gap within your organization!

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership​

Chart your strategic next move, by getting instant access to all performance related information, intelligence, planning, and execution across your enterprise.

We equip your every strategic move with instant access and insights to all performance related information for effective planning, and execution of Enterprise performance management, across your enterprise.

Functional Heads

Functional Heads

Strategically Plan, collaborate and track your departmental goals, intelligence and more, and adjust your course to align with your enterprise strategy management plans.

To strategically plan, collaborate, track each portfolio’s goals, align and course correct as needed – Here’s the one stop shop which aids you as your Corporate performance management software.

Business Users

Business Users

Empower business users with self-service capabilities and motivate them with the impact visualization of their contribution to the overall strategy management process.

The All-Encompassing Stratroom, empowers business users with self-service capabilities and impactful visualizations about their contribution to the overall management process.

How StratRoom helps you

For Executive Leadership

For Functional Heads

For Business Users

The StratRoom Promise

There are a number of strategy execution and BI tools in the market promising a million things. Also, two-thirds of organizations recognize they must digitally transform to an adaptive approach to remain competitive. And yet, the investments made on such transformation initiatives by some of the biggest players in the industry, resulted in failed programs.

With numerous BI and strategy execution tools in the market, promising a million things, We, Stratroom, stand out in the crowd. We aid innovation and digital transformation, adopting an adaptive strategy, thereby facilitating your org to be at the cutting edge. Our platform is a utility which helps to craft a balanced score-card in strategic management, with insights into performance management, project management, risk management and what not!

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Whether you are a startup, enterprise or anything in between, StratRoom empowers organizations with exactly the right and adaptive strategic tools you need at that stage of your life cycle