Prepare ahead for the uncertainty


Fortify your Organization to challenge uncertainty

StratRisk, an enterprise risk planning and monitoring solution, equips your organization to identify, assess and mitigate risks proactively. Thus, StratRisk, provides visibility to real-time information, thereby enabling your org to make strategic decisions.

StratRisk empowers organizations to streamline the risk management process, by bridging all the related actions and establishing right priorities.


Identify Risks that impact business strategy, processes, and operations. Uncover, analyze, and visualize business risks periodically and take action to protect the business.


Build a repository of all identified risks; include additional information about the nature of risk and assign ownership to evaluate impacts and drive mitigation measures.


Assess risk, remove ambiguity, and reduce exposure. Contextualize risk events, and assess likelihood and impact by leveraging precedence.


Strategize Risk mitigation activities to eliminate, reduce or control the impact of potential risks. Explore options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats.


Visualize and perform real-time analysis on KRIs. Quickly identify risks through traffic-lighted gauges. Measure and track key risks, and control indicators to eliminate potential threats.

StratRisk integrates Strategy and Enterprise Performance Management methodologies, offers a holistic approach in proactively governing Risk management practices

StratRisk, an enterprise risk planning and monitoring solution, with the right set of tools, accomplishes risk management and governance by identifying, assessing and mitigating risks that would be posed on your organization, portfolios and even on your individual teams

Whether you are a startup, enterprise or anything in between, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at that stage of your life cycle