Modernize and Co-Design Adaptive Planning

Revolutionize and co-invent adaptive planning

StratPlan – a collaborative tool acts as a catalyst for businesses and management consulting firms to activate concepts and transform them to implementable plans, through creating a mutual consensus on Strategy planning, project, and enterprise risk management planning frameworks.

StratPlan - Modernize and Co-Design Planning

For Corporates​

Action based Ideation, development, alignment and execution of strategies, by having teams and people across organisation, in unison.

For Consulting Firms & Management Consultants

As we aim at innovations and digital transformation, Stratroom is just not a catalyst in building adaptive consultancy and advisory practices, but we are co-executors in bringing out desired strategy transformation outcomes.

Build strategy roadmaps, align teams, and empower for seamless collaboration and efficient launching of Business strategies

Being Agile in nature, StratPlan drives modeling adaptive strategies with a high degree of versatility, suitable for any span – short term, mid-term or long term strategies! StratPlan offers business transformation solutions and also enables organizations to bring in necessary transformation to assign, meticulous tracking and flawless execution of strategies.

Collaboratively build and deploy strategies in an agile way

Corporate Strategic Plans

StratPlan is an all-inclusive tool which can aid planning of all forms of strategy frameworks like BSC, OKR, and other unconventional strategic and performance management frameworks.

Project Plans​

As a proactive planning tool, StratPlan helps in formulating projects and initiatives, by providing deep insights into priorities, budgets, team engagements to stay synchronized.

Risk Register​

Relying on StratPlan to be your partner in working with enterprise risk exposures, we guarantee you with out of the box features to mitigate those risks and have better insight periodically!

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Whether you are a startup, enterprise or anything in between, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at that stage of your life cycle