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StratHub fuels organizations to connect the day to day strategic processes and engage their cross-functional teams to drive productivity.

StratHub is a secured and robust platform to build, manage and execute organizational strategies and support your teams to grow and create a happier and productive workplace culture.

StratHub - Supercharge your Strategies


Reach and engage your entire workforce right from the planning phase of strategies that cut through  all levels and eliminate organizational silos.


Bring your teams together and enable them to work more efficiently with a combination of collaboration tools and get instant access to the information that is needed, from wherever they are.


An engaged workforce is a highly productive workforce and delivers results.Give employees a voice, foster workplace engagement, and improve the organization’s performance culture with built-in engagement tools.

Solution Capabilities

StratHub Solution Capabilities

StratHub is a unified groupware application that offers a wide range of capabilities for organizations to drive digital transformation in the areas of business strategy, and it’s connected organizational process.

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Whether you are a startup, enterprise or anything in between, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at that stage of your life cycle