Embrace Agile Strategy Execution


Embrace and Nurture Agile Strategy Execution

While organizations should equip themselves to cope with the volatility of the digital age, Organizations also should have a paradigm shift to accept and implement agile strategy management!

With dynamic operative environments, being agile is vital while planning and execution of adaptive strategy. Being agile aids in seamless planning, development, and deployment of strategy, thereby leading to data-driven decision making for productive outcomes.

StratAgile from Stratroom, powered by (IMPACT™) Be Agile, caters to the organization’s needs by offering Transparency, flexibility, velocity, awareness, preparedness, accountability, and adaptability

Align & Engage

​Align organizational priorities, roadmaps with departments, teams, and individuals. Bridge the gap between strategic planning and execution process using the OKR framework and build a culture of engagement across all levels.


Get actionable insights on company, team and individual performances with day-to-day progress on the Key results and its connected initiatives. Gain real-time information into individual contributions.


​Drive outcomes with active engagement of the teams and individuals with effective conversations, feedback, and recognition loops for driving continuous performance results.

StratAgile, as an enterprise performance management system, assists in enhancing collaboration amongst teams, guides people to be aligned, engaged and motivated, towards achieving the organization's common goal

Whether you are a startup, enterprise or anything in between, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at that stage of your life cycle