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Hi there,

I’m glad you’re here. I personally welcome you to StratRoom and would like to share a bit about who we are.

There are hundreds of strategy execution and BI tools in the market promising a million things. Also, two-thirds of organizations recognize they must digitally transform to stay competitive. Yet 70% of the investments made on transformation initiatives by some of the biggest players in the industry, have resulted in failed programs.

Our promise, though, is very simple – we want to be your friend and extended team. A friend who tells you about things, the way it is. We want to be your extended team and not a vendor. We want to build a relationship with you based on trust, and be the shoulders you can bank on.

We see that one of the biggest reasons why even the best of breed fail in their transformation initiatives is due to – failure in effectively communicating their goals, strategy, purpose and outlook with their employee’s top-down, and also the lack of opportunity for bottom-up communication.

We want to be your friend and trusted partner who will be there to help you stay ahead of the competition.

We know transactions are short-lived, but business relationships based on trust stand the test of time. We’re StratRoom and we believe in building long term relationships with long term people.


Karthik Ramani
Founder & CEO