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Ukeme Peters

“Going live with StratRoom marks a journey of our continuous adoption for latest technologies. The hard work, professionalism, dedication and exceptional teamwork shown by both teams have resulted in a mutually rewarding and very successful project.”

Ukeme Peters

Head of Strategic Planning, Alpha Mead Group
myles hopkins

“It is a breathe of fresh air when you come across a tool such as – I have just been through a demo with Karthik Ramani and I have to applaud the work him and his team has done in developing this software. Be Agile operates in the world of agility and I had a number of questions around the flexibility of StratRoom to meet the various needs we have in the world of agile. Furthermore, we continuously drive integration through our IMPACT Framework – integrating strategy, innovation, resource prioritization, operations, reporting, etc. What impressed most about StratRoom is that the vanilla version has catered for various configurations of the above – what even further impressed me was Karthik’s willingness to put certain ideas such as adaptive budgeting into the development plan for StratRoom. I would urge you to visit the StratRoom website and see what this tool can do for you.”

Myles Hopkins

Founder, Be Agile
pravin kumar

“In a world where strategies and key metrics are defined and forgotten at the same pace as they are created .. My quest to action the plan led me to evaluate StratRoom. Being an early adopter of new age solutions, my trial with stratRoom helped me define my vision, set measures and outcomes to be tracked. most importantly have discussions around key topics . From planning , execution, insights and collaboration the platform has been impressive , bringing all key stakeholders into action. Much impressed with the ease of use , clean mobile and tablet ready interfaces , integration capabilities to model our business.”

Praveen Kumar

Chief Evangelist, Market Simplified
krishna kumar

“StratRoom is an elegant and a quickly configurable enterprise performance management platform for Companies which are looking to drive enterprise performance through a strong alignment between strategy and execution. The flexibility in the data modelling allows a quick configuration of the organization levels and entities driving quick implementation of the solution. The UI is very elegant and simple to understand and will positively drive user adoption and quick realisation of business benefits. The cloud deployment takes away the hassle of application maintenance and support.  Overall the solution is very promising, from a perspective of both business and IT. I wish the StratRoom team all the very best in their go to market”

Krishna Kumar

Founder and MD, Simbus Technologies
Rajith Rajagopal

“The StratRoom platform offers the ability to the individual to easily interact with the data, empowering them to visualize information the way they best understand it. Helping them arrive at their business decisions quicker. The ease of use and application of fundamental principles of user experience stands out!

What you have built is truly impressive. Congratulations!”

Rajith Rajagopal

Board Advisor
k m naveen

“Karthik, thanks a lot for your time in walking through the customer journey which connects strategy till review of outcomes that involves all the vital functions of the organization. Have seen and explored may products but StratRoom is one of the kind product which brings out integrated value. The UI is awesome and the navigation is seamless which gives the feel that I have been using these products for a while. Way to go .. great product that closes the gap in the strategy, performance, management and innovation space.”

Naveen Krishnamoorthy

Technology / Block Chain Evangelist
navnit krishna

“StratRoom is an excellent product with highly interactive user design flow and user friendly workflows. The product will soon be on top and it’s just a matter of time.”

Navnit Krishna

Strategy Advisor, Dharmic Entrepreneur
mohit sharma

“The key of the platform is user interface and you guys have excelled in it. I’ve seen the demo and would say User interface and ease of use to any enterprise application is the key. I loved the way you have given thoughts to refining of the user experience and making product self driven for the user. I loved the way I can create dashboards on the fly. StartRoom is Awesome.”

Mohit Sharma

Transformation Manager, CSM

“I am always keen in exploring various CPM and BI platforms. Thanks for demo and sharing details of Stratroom platform. I do have hands on exposure to many corporate performance management platforms and Stratroom appears to be the new-age integrated strategy and business performance enablement platform. As I can see, it can be easily configured and customised to organization’s strategy execution, dashboards, and analytics. As per my view organizations are looking for applications that can be categorised as plug and play and at the same time it is supportive to mobile or hand hold devices, Stratroom has attempted that well. Solution has capabilities like strategy execution, performance management, risk management, project monitoring, cockpit views, and so on so forth. As per my analysis, it offers wide range of capabilities for organizations to drive digital transformation in the areas of business strategy.

All the best and keep updated with new innovative platforms on this topic”

Dr. Manoj Dubey

General Manager (Projects) NTPC Ltd

StratRoom’s technology stack is built to power organizations with another paradigm shift to adopt and ensure they have the stability to deliver impactful value today whilst continuously innovating to compete and thrive in the future.