StratRoom Partner Program

Together we make it big

We believe in partnerships that put customers first. Join us to leverage the best-in-breed enterprise-class digital platform that drives transformation in the areas of Strategy and business performance.

StratRoom Partner Program

Partnership Overview

At StratRoom, we believe that our partners are really an extension of us. We assist our customers, together along with our partners, to transform their strategic decision – making and help them develop a culture of impactful innovation and measurable growth. By being open, we empower our customers and make every effort to save costs for them.

StratRoom presents a progressive approach to the strategic partnerships thus minimizing the scope of having complex partnership categories. Our collaboration strategy focuses on achieving the marketplace’s competitive advantage by exchanging knowledge and intelligence that contribute to positive business outcomes.


The Re-brand programme of StratRoom enables system integrators and product/solution companies the ability to advertise and label the complete platform for all enterprise scale business opportunities under their own brand.


The Co-brand programme of StratRoom facilitates consulting firms, independent software vendors and system integrators to promote and label the complete platform for all mid-sized business opportunities under a co-branding strategy.

Active Partners

Join our partner program today, win more customers by delivering holistic business solutions and value. Ready? Let’s converse and explore a fit.
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