The StratRoom Platform

There’s room for improvement, almost always. Constant Enhancement is Inevitable.

StratRoom, a novel gateway and as an enterprise performance management software , equips you to manage self-governance, strategy and performance with in-built infused intelligence that is accessible across the platform! This will bind the organization’s collective expertise to enable a seamless adaptive strategy execution approach.

StratRoom PLatform

Effective Communication and Collaboration made simple. Propel your organization towards the next level of business performance management.

Strategic planning and execution are often perceived as two – sides of the same coin and most importantly – it is a 2 way street – not just top down, it aids a bottom up approach as well. All that is necessary is to channelize and integrate everything through the right platform and that is when you need StratRoom.

While you struggle to comprehend on how far your organization has traversed in alignment with your strategy, initiatives, Risk management, identify the right channel from where the best ideas and innovations come from – Stratroom would be your pilot in assisting you to make the right move.

Well, that’s what StratRoom can do for you and your company.

StratRoom for Executive Leadership

Define, align & communicate strategies across your enterprise.


The Executive Leadership is at the heart of our framework agnostic strategy management platform. In aim of exceeding Executive Leadership’s expectations, we stratroom, provide a holistic view of how each strategic action impacts overall direction, goals and objectives of the enterprise. Parallely, Stratroom also helps in effective communication of organization’s roadmap to the workforce to deliver desired outcomes with 100% comprehension, without having the need to thrust.

  • Perform SWOT & PESTEL analysis
  • Define and integrate short and long term strategic plans
  • Align strategic goals with departments and individuals
  • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders
  • Motivate teams and individuals
  • Enable continuous performance monitoring
  • Build executive dashboards on the go
  • Strategy Reporting
strategy Analysis

StratRoom for Functional Heads

Communicate, collaborate and monitor performance across departments and functions.

As We understand that mid-management or the functional heads are key to organizational growth and corporate performance management, StratRoom acts as an enterprise performance management system which empowers you with all the strategic tools that you would need to govern the phases of project management and performance across portfolios, based on the frameworks that you choose. Also StratRoom facilitates you to have complete visibility right from planning through prioritization, execution and delivery of strategic activities and to have insights on the milestones across portfolios and functions.

functional heads strategic initiatives
  • Projects, initiatives and budget allocation
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Operational performance monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated governance, risk and compliance

StratRoom for Business Users

Innovate, inspire and recognize.

The business users are the lifeline of your organization. StratRoom provides the business users with all the platform needed to ensure that the workforce is aligned to the overall strategy. Also, it helps understand if you folks feel engaged and motivated continuously. StratRoom, as an employee performance management platform, also ensures that employees are evaluated based on the employee’s performance and rewarded appropriately and also ensures that even unconscious bias is refrained. 

  • Idea and concept management
  • Personal scorecards & Appraisals
  •  Feedback and recognition
  • Resource mapping and utilization
  • Reporting
Goal Management

It takes a unified view across your enterprise to digitally transform it

StratRoom amalgamates strategic information and insights across the enterprise and offers a user-friendly unified view. If you are aiming for a digital transformation, StratRoom’s adaptive strategy management platform helps you accomplish, with measurable ROI. 

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Say hello to the StratRoom experience

Be a beginner or a strategically mature organization, StratRoom will equip you with the exact tool that you would need at every and any stage of your process cycle.