For Functional Heads

Close down on the gaps, achieve functional and operational excellence.

StratRoom offers you the right mix of tools to cascade strategies, effectively drive and monitor performance, mitigate risk across projects, budgets, governance and more.

Functional Heads

Communicate, collaborate, and monitor performance across departments and functions.

Manage accountability for teams and individuals.

Map activities to teams and individuals for accountability, and be notified on exceeding KPI thresholds.

Identify opportunities and risks at a glance.

Get an enterprise level context of your risks, consolidated management dashboards, and manage compliance and regulatory needs.

Enable continuous performance monitoring.

Communicate top-down as well as bottom-up to align individual goals to organizational goals.

Contextually align your functional objectives to organizational goals, maximize performance.

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Whether you are just beginning to streamline your strategy, performance and innovation management, or already strategically mature, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at every stage of your life cycle