For Business Users

Align your workforce, improve employee engagement.

StratRoom provides the business users with all the amo needed to ensure your workforce is aligned to the overall strategy, engaged and motivated. Ensure employees are evaluated in a bias-free manner, rewarded for their ideas and innovation, and more.
Business Users

Align, inspire and recognize your deserving team

Conversations, recognition and feedback.

Make sure your workforce knows how they impact the overall organizational progress, allow 1:1 feedback for continuous improvement.

Drive accountability and transparency.

Ensure every individual understands their responsibilities, and are able to assess their progress in meeting goals, targets, and timelines in relation to the organization’s performance.

Build a culture of innovation and recognition

Identify from where in your company, the best ideas come from. Empower teams to ideate, develop concepts and experiment. Recognize and reward high potential talent and set them up for success.

Empower your teams and set them up for success

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Whether you are just beginning to streamline your strategy, performance and innovation management, or already strategically mature, StratRoom empowers you with exactly the right tools you need at every stage of your life cycle