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While 86% of ITdecision makers still feel that the biggest challenge to digitally transform their business is because there are too few software developers - either to build a new system using their own developers, or they could buy a system from an external vendor. Today, however, there is a third alternative that is becoming increasingly popular - The Low code application platforms.

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Few things that come to our mind when we think of strategic management are strategic planning, business performance, monitoring, evaluation, SWOT, PESTEL analysis etc. The more obvious things are into oblivion, and here is how we can pave the way for strategy to become digital and sustainable.

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Culture and Strategy

We at Stratroom, firmly believe that Culture and Strategy are co-dependent! Culture is the emotional, organic habitat in which a company’s strategy lives and helps to drive focus and direction. As broadly believed that culture eats strategy for breakfast, we SR, aid in building a perfect scenario where culture and strategy balance and sustain each other. We help organizations to build strategies, through cultural alignment.